cottages rentals in saco me

Renting a cottage out for the weekend to spend special time with that most special person in your life is a great way to keep the romance alive and send butterflies through her heart. Many amazing cottages rentals in saco me can help start an amazing time with your lover, but how can the continued success continue once you’re all settled in?

cottages rentals in saco me

Head Outdoors

Depending on the season, many outdoor adventures are possible for your romantic weekend. A snowball fight is a fun, kid-like way to earn snuggles when the winner is crowned. A delightful picnic can lead to many wonderful aftermaths. Get outdoors to spark the love during your adventure.

Games for Lovers

Board games and many other games designed to be played by couples are available. Bring along such a game (or let your inspiration help you create your own fun game) and get the cuddles, hugs, and smooches going as you have a lot of fun. Couples that play together stay together, do remember!

Wine & Dinner

Prepare a candlelit dinner for your S.O. and ensure the scenery sets the mood. It’s amazing how a little bit of decor can change the entire ambiance of a room, but it is true! White linen tablecloths, rose petals, and those dreamy eyes are all that it takes to turn a bottle of wine and a nice dinner into a passionate love scene that you’ll forever remember.

The Bottom Line

There are so many easy ways to create a lovely romantic weekend for yourself and the person that you love. The ideas above are a few of the biggest and best of those ideas. How will you show your lover just how much they mean to you?